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Don’t Waste Your Time

Don’t Waste Your Time

Grab from a virtual tour featuring a small table for two at the edge of a small lake.

When your business involves showing potential clients your space, it obviously takes time. Talking to them on the phone, telling them how wonderful the space is, organizing a meeting, showing them around, follow-ups… it’s a considerable amount of time on your end. And theirs.

They’ll Know

Grab from a virtual tour featuring a small table for two at the edge of a small lake.I had just completed a virtual tour for a restaurant and event space. The couple are wonderful people and I’m happy to have them as clients. I was picking up payment for my services and we were chatting about their new tour. She was excited to be able to utilize the tour to help avoid wasted time.

She was excited that she’ll be able to send her potential clients a link to the tour. They’ll be able to see so much more than what regular photos can show. With that, the clients will have far more information to make a better decision whether or not they want to go further with meeting with her and seeing the space in person. This has the potential to weed out those who know right away whether or not the facility has potential.

We naturally want everyone to like everything about what we offer. Obviously, that’s not going to happen. So having a tool that will more easily weed out those who are not really interested can be a game-changer.

People have lots of criteria that need to be met: Location, atmosphere, access, pricing, and probably a few other details that are very important to them. But give them a very clear understanding of how your spaces are laid out, what they look like from any direction, and giving them a way to walk through and see far more than just the few photos you have on your site. This is going to provide them with an arsenal of visual information and help them make a better decision whether or not to move forward.

If potential clients see your virtual tour and don’t like your place, is that bad? No. The tour acted as a gate keeper and has helped to free up time for you to concentrate on potential clients who ARE interested in your space.

Do they not like what they see? Wonderful! Your precious time is not being wasted by someone who may not have understood how your space is laid out or was able to get a good look from the few photos on your website.

Do they like what they see? Yay! Invite them to stop by and really discuss in detail what they’d like to do.

This Isn’t a Bad Thing

Having someone decide that they aren’t interested right away is part of what these tours are designed to do. Will they bring in people who really like what they see? Yes! Will they turn away people who don’t like what they see? Yes! Both wins for both of you. You have a new tool that helps people make a better decision. When you get back a few hours of time that would’ve otherwise been a dead end, you see the side of these tours that is often not noticed.

So let your client not like what they see in your virtual tour. It’s OK.